Released 15th October


In recent years, democracies have been threatened all over the globe, in countries such as USA, Brazil, Hungary and Poland. Democracy is a fragile institution, and through abuse of power it is possible to threathen such insitutions in a much simpler way than previously thought. This is what Powerstructure portrays, but it is applicable to other abuse-of-power situations.


All statistics indicate that the temperature of the earth is rising. The desert is spreading and it is extremely dry year after year. The changes needed to bring the earth's temperature down are far too slow. I think a lot about the future of young people. As a father, I’m very worried and since the trend does not flatten out, I had to make the song "HUMAN BACON". "HUMAN BACON" will be released by SCHWEIN and VME in the next drought and hot period July 2, 2021. "HUMAN BACON" is produced and performed by SCHWEIN. Drums: Bjørn Rønnow.


CAPITOL HILL was made in a hurry after the attack on Capitol Hill January 6th 2020. It's an ANTI Donald Trump song and is about stupidity, brainwashing and hoard mentality.
Bjørn Dukstad Rønnow - Drums.


THE END is about leaving the Earth, and that we need another space to live in. It was recorded in Denkmark in Schwein's livingroom.
Gildas Le Pappe - backing guitar. Eirik Solberg and Riley Kempel - Backing vocals. Erik Lillehagen - Drums.